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The Center for Urban Congregational Renewal exists

to transform declining urban congregations in changing ministry setting into inclusive and vital 21st Century Christian Fellowships!

Since 1995, CUCR has developed a track record of on-site ffectiveness with urban congregations which attracted Tom Bandy and Bill Easum (Easum/Bandy and Associates, www.easumbandy.com) in 2002 to invite the CUCR to be their preferred referral resource for urban and non-Anglo congregations in North America.

We can help you...

  • Propel your church beyond drift to inclusive growth.
  • Plan your church’s future with the interactive help of nationally respected leaders in urban church renewal.
  • Utilize church conflict to claim a new vision for making Disciples.
  • Multiply ministries by mobilizing more of the Spiritual Gifts your members possess

All of our fees are based on your congregation’s demonstrated ability to pay!

Realize Your Ministry Potential with Our Proven Approaches

We work with your church and community to:

  • Utilize conflict as a means of grace leading to creative change.
  • Revise existing congregation's goals and structures in light of effective examples from around the world.
  • Start new discipling groups specifically for non-members who now live in the church’s service area while honoring the commitments and values of your current faithful members.
  • Refocus the role of the pastor as the coach of lay ministry multiplication.
  • Develop mission and justice ministries which create direct and mutually respectful involvement of the congregation in the lives of those in its services area.
  • Creatively engage denomination leaders regarding your pastoral needs.

You, your members and neighbors will interact with folks who have done it!


Center for Urban Congregational Renewal
501 Dove Hollow Trail
Georgetown, TX 78633-4994

Local Voice: 512.876.9145
Fax: 512.864.2839
e-mail: dan@cucr.us

Contact us by clicking on our e-mail address link above.


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